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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

On Celebrating (financial) Milestones

A week and a half ago, we managed to tick off 4 out of 10 financial goals we’ve set for this year. Yey! :) So, my husband and I celebrated these achievements by rewarding ourselves with what we used to love and still love (but haven’t done so for months already). That is, eat our favorite Thai food at a Thai restaurant. LOL!  Unsa pa lagi?(What else?)

But we cannot, of course, afford to get carried away. The dinner should still be on a budget, which is P250 for each of us. Haha! Fortunately, were able to stay on budget and finish dinner, full and happy. Way char. (No kidding) Hihi. Yey, again!

Anyhow, we had dinner at Mae Krua Thai Cuisine along Ramos St., Cebu City. The food was sumptuous. We ordered spicy seafood soup, fried spring roll, and fried rice with prawn. Yum!

As what they say, you should not forget to celebrate milestones in this journey to financial independence and you must always, always take pride in every achievement. :)

How about you? How do you celebrate when you achieve financial goals? :)

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