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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

you busy you

I understand I have been neglecting this blog but it’s for a couple of valid reasons aside from work. First, it’s back to school time! And second, I got busy with “entrepreneurship” and sharing it during weekends. Haha!

First, it’s back to school time. Two kids are going to school now and so apart from managing finances I have to manage the menu and the schedule as well. So for the menu, I’m still doing the all–in–a–week’s–meals. A lot of people are amazed how I was able to do this and honestly, I get surprised with the reaction. Why, everyone can do it. You just have to find the time (what else?) and energy. I drink vitamins and supplements as often as I can. It can get tiring, but really, it’s either you getting tired or you for a whole week worrying and scramming to cook and get some food on the table. Of course, I'd choose the former. However, that's just me and I understand we've got different situations. I can't simply tell you to do this because it may not work for you. :) Anyow, here’s the menu photo I posted for this week:

And so for the scheduling, I just dislike the first week of classes because the school tends to follow an irregular schedule. First two days, graders only have half–day classes and pre–schoolers are released an hour early. You know what this means. You have to adjust your scheduling again next week moving forward. But really, this is not me whining. This is me just saying. Haha! Jk. Below is a picture of my weekly planner (downloaded for free from and the Pilot Frixion pen that I just love very, very much! Lol!

Now for that subject of entrepreneurship, I’ll discuss in my next blog. And it’s something I’ve already shared with my 2 mommy friends and they’re doing it as well.  I’m just so happy to share in my own very little way. :)

How about you? How are you doing this week? ;)
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