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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

sleeping well?

If it’s not obvious, I am the worst worrywart. :hide: For the past 7 years (since I got married and had kids), I didn’t sleep well. I would often wake up at 3AM just because. Maybe because I got used to feeding babies every 2 to 4 hours. Or maybe because I am evil. LOL! Just kidding. Or seriously because I have worries. Truth be told, I am not the type who says “Come what may” without doing anything. I want to get things done. I like getting things done. Do you get me? Hihi. I have so many what–ifs going inside my head, believe me. It has probably tripled when I had children. You can’t blame me (please just don’t if you don’t want to get some spanking. Lol! Jk)

So when I decided to start this journey to financial independence, can you imagine how much my fears have heightened? :hide: Honestly, I had the worst praning–mode ever. :( Based on readings, it is normal to feel that way. That’s because you’re more aware about where you and your family are standing in terms of finances (and in our case, we’re way, way down there) and thus consequently, you’re more aware about the things that could happen if ever the income you’ve been using to support the family will stop coming! So I had to think and do something fast (that’s what usually what praning people are good at. Haha!). I should not wait any longer to get protection for me(insurance) and my income(savings). Yes, I may have some protection and savings benefit from my present company, but that’s short–term. You can’t bring it with you if ever it’s time to move on. Yes, looking way forward is part of the process in this financial independence journey. Is it good or good? Obviously, I’m not giving you any choice. It is good. In fact, they say you already have 80% chance you’d succeed in financial independence just because you are aware.

Anyhow, you know what I did? I immediately got myself a protection+savings/investment plan through Philam Life’s Family Secure. What I like about this product is the very strong protection coverage it offers and since it’s a variable unit–linked (VUL) product, it’s a good vehicle to save and invest. Getting this plan is really all about me hitting two birds with one stone: getting protected and saving/investing. Aren’t these two of my financial goals for this year? :)

If you like to know more about Philam Life’s Family Secure product and other products, please leave me a comment with your email address. I’d be more than glad to point you to the right person to talk about these products in detail.

So if you ask me, how I'm sleeping now? I'd have to say way, way better than before. Thank you. :)

So how about you? Have you been sleeping well? :)

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Deals, Deals, Deals

I've been reading a lot about saving and the different little ways you can do to achieve it. One of the ways is to stay frugal; to always try your best to be frugal.  And also, you must plan the purchase. Planning in the sense that you will know when you need to purchase it and how much you need to save in order to purchase it. Most importantly, you need to pay them in cash. :) 

However, it can get challenging to find tips here on the web that can easily be applied to Philippine setting particularly Cebu. So let me just share some discoveries I wish I have discovered or tried out before.

But before I proceed, let me just give you a background. I was not out for a shopping spree. Haha! I was out to get the best deals on the things we NEED (and have saved for these since I started this journey):

1)  Formal Shoes for the husband—his current work only requires casual attire and present no need for formal shoes. But one of our actions plans for this year requires him to wear business attire and so formal shoes. So be it.

2) Bag for my eldest daughter—her bag in 1st grade was not big enough for her. There was not enough room to keep things organized for a 1st grader.

3) Bag for my youngest daughter—she'll now be going to school this year as a pre-schooler. The plan was for this to be optional. If we can save on #1 and #2, then we'll get this. hehe.

 SMAC Deals

I really felt cheated in all those months that I just ignored the emails from my SM Advantage card. LOL! If I haven’t gone on this journey, I wouldn't have paid attention to it at all. :hide:
Anyhow, if you haven’t tried this, here is what you do:

1)      Visit
2)      Purchase the deal. (I paid through debit card.)
3)      Print the voucher and present it to the cashier after you’ve picked up the item at your selected SM branch.


SAVINGS: 50% from its original price


I’m sure we’ve all heard about AVON before. It’s no surprise they have amazing deals. Guess what? I became an authorized dealer yesterday. So if you’re also interested in becoming a dealer yourself for business or personal use, or you simply want to order an item for you or for someone (I can wrap it as a gift for free!), please leave me a comment and contact info. =)


SAVINGS=BONUS: 42% (if i bought them from department stores. Yes, I check out the prices as we plan and save for them.) = lunch bag with utensils, etc + youngest daughter's bag!

Hooray! hihi. How are you doing on your end? :)

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