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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

what started it all

What brought me to decide in starting this journey to financial freedom was that time when my youngest daughter had to go to preschool and the tuition fee was just stupendous (hers and her elder sister's.) :O I remember how awful and irresponsible it felt that my husband and I had been married and had children for almost a decade and it was as if we were just not there at all. Just totally unprepared and it’s a dreadful feeling because after all, I am not getting any younger and so does husband and my children.

Then I recalled that speech from my former manager/mentor about investing in the stock market a year ago. So I asked him for some references and he pointed me to his blog and the rest is history.

I came up with this very simple budget variation template and shared it with as many people I know:

And then I read and read a lot about financial freedom from these very helpful sites:

Then, I set myself, my husband, and the entire family to a (self–imposed) journey to financial freedom. So now, I have a 6–month plan to create a budget (I know this is common sense but not everyone is brave enough to have one), build the emergency fund, and pay for all debts, which I’m going to talk more about in the coming days and weeks.

Good luck to me and the fam bam! :)

Monday, March 24, 2014

Let It be Known

That I am no finance expert. Lol!

I'm just a working mother of 2 beautiful girls who just wanted to make a difference this year (so badly) by going completely debt-free; and this blog entry is just a beginning. As I move forward with this journey, you shall hear more from me. :)

Have a good day, y'all!
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