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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Project Home Organization

Just like anybody else, I always long for organization (at least in the household). During long weekends, I always try to make a home project. Usually these projects are brought about by a need for change such as the points below.

Project Kiddie Cabinet

Lately, I got really annoyed when we can’t seem to put together all of the kid’s school stuff in one place. Honestly, I was dying to get a new bookshelf/cabinet for this use. But the budget is really tight right now. So there’s nowhere to go but work with what we have. So I put an existing cabinet for an optimum use. The problem was, the cabinet was full writings by my youngest daughter! hehe. But it’s really not a big of a problem. I had a stock of paper wrapper and a stick of glue to use. So, voila! Writings covered. :)

This cabinet is stationed at the entry way. No excuse for kids to just throw stuff around. I believe in developing habits!

The other half's table, which he also shares with the kids. Covered the table top because it got scratches here and there. Not sure if it'll last but it looks pretty to me. hehe.

Project Home Office

I really think all of us need to have this kind of nook at home. Period. So I reused an old computer table which was just sitting outside the house for a year or two. Then, I got clipboards, notepads, and sticky notes. Voila!

Calendar posted on the boring white wall. :)

Shoe boxes, an old computer table, clipboards, and whatnot work wonders!

Definitely one of my favorite spots. :)

Project One Notebook

I admit I am still into paper when it comes to getting organized with thoughts and schedules. I keep one for personal use, one for work use, etc. This explains why my bag is so heavy all the time. Haha! Then I got the idea of having all of life’s compartments in one notebook/binder from Jenny. Her daily planner is just amazing, BUT beside its expensive price, I just can’t find anything like it here in Cebu. For some time, I frequently visited the notebook/binder section of National Bookstore. After two weeks, I finally found what I was looking for only P120. I'm loving it! 

It comes with a ziplock envelope. Wii! So there's no excuse for me to stop bringing the lil butingting things I just love! Toinks. hehe.

I find beauty in little things.

Sticker labels are dainty little things you can use to brighten up your day with ideas and whatnot. :)

How about you? I’d love to hear home organizing ideas! :)


Maria Porpio said...

Very creative! I love the idea.

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