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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Of Chalks and Illustration Boards Project

A couple of weeks ago, we had an activity at work where the team used a board and a chalk to make a décor. Unfortunately, I don’t think I have the liberty to post some pictures here. But anyhow, the gist really is that after seeing that decor idea, I thought of using it to fill that boring, white wall at home. Lol!
So after running some errands at the mall this weekend, I bought 5 pieces of illustration boards: 2 for the children and 3 for me. J
When we got home, I immediately used the illustration boards and voila!
First, I gathered the chalks, illustration boards, and courage that I will do the writings the first time, without any erasures. haha!

Second, I posted them all in the blank, boring white wall in the house. hehe.

Third, I gazed at it thinking that really, these blank walls may never be the same again. You can always do stuff with it. You just have to make time and just do it. hehe.
PS I don’t have a pic for the children’s boards though, but basically they were just mounted at the back of the door for them to doodle all they want and for them to pretend to be a teacher to their imaginary students (yep, used to do that when I was younger. haha!)
 And this project only cost me less than P100. J How about you? What DIY craft did you get busy lately?


Maria Porpio said...

Hi Jin! I love everything in this blog... the simplicity and creativity and most of all, because the project only costs less than a 100. Anything less expensive, I'm on it. Thanks for inspiring today!

inJiNuous said...

Thanks, Fatima! So happy to have you here. True, I am for anything less expensive. Tiris can attest to that. lol!

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