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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

how ya doin'? ;)

So how am I doing after 4 months of starting this journey? I would have to honestly say I am still a work in progress and I love how this has changed me in so many ways such as the following:

I have somehow channeled my extra energy to do something more than ordinary.

You may not believe it but I love waking up early and sleeping late. So I got myself into different kinds of hobbies which were really good channels for my extra energy. But you know what, these old hobbies aren’t really taking me anywhere. Yes, there are some outputs but these outputs are not those great in substance. It was superficial in a way that I’m not touching enough of my life and other people’s lives. I wasn’t contributing enough and that was a waste of time and energy.

So when I started on this hobby (journey to financial independence), I felt really good about myself, about the outputs (which may take time but) with great substance. It feels good to actually reach out and share to yourself, your family and friends, and even to strangers anything you know that could make lives better over time. :)

I have developed really good habits.

I now keep a budget and keep track of our expenses. I read about personal finance articles and collected the books below (because after all, I am Filipino. Nothing beats reading in our context) every day.
  • Kontento ka na ba sa kaPERAhan mo? (Vic and Avelynn Garcia)
  • Kasusweldo pa lang UBOS na? (Vic and Avelynn Garcia)
  • Ang Pera na Hindi Bitin (Ardy Roberto, Jr.)

I often talk and share about what I know now that I didn’t know before. I’ve become frugal like I’ve never been before—example: a cousin gave me some cash gift. Can you believe I actually hesitated to accept it? LOL! Here are the reasons:  1) this extra money was not planned so I have to fit it somewhere in the budget spreadsheet. Hahaha! And 2) It got me confused whether to use it pay off some debt or put it in the emergency fund. Lol! Then I realized how starting this journey has changed me. If this cash gift was given to me a year ago, I would have spent it on something. But now, I know a little better.

But that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t hate me. :hide: Again, I’m still a work in progress. Some days I’m calm. Some days I get crazy.  But definitely, I am in a much better version of me. :)

How ya doin’? :)
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