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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

all in a week's meals!

I wrote about the all in a week’s meals in my other personal blog on March 2, 2014:
I am a working mother of two. So without a helper, I'd be a wreck if I don't get my act together and work with what I have. it is most challenging when my parents are not around because that means I may have to cook the entire week to ensure there is food on the table regardless of whether where I am.  
So last week was a challenge; but I'm making a difference this week (because I know it's going to get really busy at work and at school (daughter's)). Why, I cooked all meals of the week half-day Sunday! hihi. (I'm actually giving myself a pat on the back right now. lol!) Doing this doesn't only give me a little peace of mind but also will save us money! Not bad for my #70/30 project (which deserves another blog entry. Soon.) ;)

And the #70/30 project, ladies and gentlemen, is whatever is written on this blog. Hihi. I’ve been doing cook-all-you-can for weeks now and I’d have to say I’m doing better time wise. Eherm. Here’s to hitting two birds with one stone: saving and having some peace of mind while at work (and not eating out!). :)

from these...

to these...

and why not this...thanks to Jordan's free template!

and because it's a weekend, I also got to cook my family some special recipes. The picture above is that of Chicken Breasts with Mushroom Cream Sauce. Yum! And the bonus? My eldest daughter likes it that she wants to have some again for breakfast the next day. Asus!

sample baon #1

sample baon #2


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